MidSouth Pain Treatment Center; A PartnerCare Practice

October 27, 2022

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center is the leading interventional pain management provider in the Midsouth, with five locations and three ambulatory surgery centers across West Tennessee and North Mississippi. Treating the root cause of pain, MidSouth Pain Treatment Center’s mission is to get patients back to doing what they love most. For patients struggling with chronic or acute pain, MidSouth Pain Treatment Center works to develop a game-plan for relief from pain or discomfort designed specifically for the patient and their needs.

Founded by Dr. Michael Steuer, MidSouth Pain Treatment Center got its start as a small practice called Desoto Pain Clinic. Dr. Steuer was introduced to pain management during his anesthesiology residency at Mast General Hospital in Boston. Dr. Steuer gravitated towards pain management as a technologically innovative specialty that combined beautifully with his passion for working with people. 

In 2020, MidSouth Pain Treatment Center joined PartnerCare with the goal of becoming a one-stop-shop for interventional pain management. With physical therapy soon to be added to their service lines, MidSouth Pain Treatment Center will be able to better provide for every patient’s need. The partnership with PartnerCare has given MidSouth Pain Treatment Center opportunities to grow while holding true to its mission of providing the best patient care. 

“It has been my dream to work with a capital-backed group like PartnerCare,” said Dr. Steuer. “It’s great to become part of something much bigger than what I’ve created with MidSouth Pain Treatment Center and to play a part in becoming the very best we can be while growing in new areas.”

Working with PartnerCare allows Dr. Steuer and the MidSouth Pain Treatment Center team to achieve new goals and grow their practice more quickly than they could by themselves. The continuity of care provided under the MidSouth Pain Treatment Center umbrella could not be possible without the resources and support from PartnerCare. Thanks to the solid foundation started by Dr. Steuer, PartnerCare continues to elevate MidSouth Pain Treatment Center into one of the most reputable and innovative pain management providers in the United States. 

As MidSouth Pain Treatment Center continues to grow, providing the highest quality of care remains at the forefront of everything they do. MidSouth Pain Treatment Center providers understand pain is tricky to navigate and every person’s pain can be different. Using the most advanced technology along with individualized treatment plans, MidSouth Pain Treatment Center can diagnose and treat pain more effectively and efficiently, allowing you to return to doing what you love most. To learn more about MidSouth Pain Treatment Center’s mission, treatments and providers, visit midsouthpain.com. 

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