Jaffe Sports Medicine: A PartnerCare Practice 

September 24, 2022

Founded in 1995, Jaffe Sports Medicine specializes in rehabilitative medicine, pain management and therapeutic services. Located in southwest Florida, Jaffe Sports Medicine offers personalized care from board-certified physicians in interventional pain management, orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation. Their staff also includes licensed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants. From sports injuries and acute or chronic pain to joint replacements and fractures, Jaffe Sports Medicine provides a range of solutions to help patients manage pain, recover from injury and improve patients’ quality of life. 

In 2020, Jaffe Sports Medicine joined the PartnerCare team of individuals passionate about comprehensive medicine. The leading pain management firm in the southeast, PartnerCare works alongside physicians to expand their practices while providing the highest quality of clinical care. Backed by Shore Capital Partners, a microcap investing group, PartnerCare enables practices to provide the best patient care possible. The partnership between Jaffe Sports Medicine and PartnerCare has allowed Jaffe Sports Medicine to grow and help patients like never before. 

Dr. Peter Jaffe is the founder and medical director of Jaffe Sports Medicine as well as the chief medical officer at PartnerCare. Dr. Jaffe experienced first-hand what being a PartnerCare practice is and recalled a time when PartnerCare elevated their practice. The team at Jaffe Sports Medicine was unhappy with their electronic medical record system, so PartnerCare explored various medical platforms and implemented one that improved the lives of Jaffe Sports Medicine’s staff. The partnership between Jaffe Sports Medicine and PartnerCare has allowed Jaffe Sports Medicine to grow and help patients like never before. 

Mike Cooper, a founding partner of Shore Capital said, “We are thrilled to partner with Dr. Jaffe. He is one of the most respected and well-known physicians in West Florida. Having built a world-class practice, Dr. Jaffe shares our vision to deliver clinical excellence on a greater scale.” 

The like-mindedness between PartnerCare and its practices is evident to Dr. Jaffe and his practice. “The partnership was built out of friendship first and then mutual trust and respect second,” said Dr. Jaffe, who became friends with Mike Cooper of Shore Capital Partners several years before joining the PartnerCare team. Dr. Jaffe and Cooper realized they had a common interest of partnering with high-quality practitioners who shared a vision of comprehensive medicine. “The doctors we partner with realize this is not just people buying your practice,” said Dr. Jaffe. “We are teaming up with like-minded practices that want to grow together.”

The bottom line for both PartnerCare and Jaffe Sports Medicine is helping patients live their best lives possible. Through personalized treatment plans and the latest techniques, Jaffe Sports Medicine seeks to improve outcomes that allow their patients to live, work and play, pain free. Thanks to PartnerCare, Jaffe Sports Medicine has the tools and resources to touch as many lives as possible. Learn more about Jaffe Sports Medicine by visiting jaffesportsmedicine.com/.

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