Axis Spine and Pain – A PartnerCare Practice

December 12, 2022

Axis Spine and Pain specializes in minimally invasive treatment options designed to help patients living with pain in Central Georgia. Individuals suffering from back, neck or knee pain as well as those with an underlying condition can find relief from Axis Spine and Pain’s board-certified pain management and anesthesiology physicians. Rather than having to rely on medications or resort to surgery, patients can choose from a variety of treatment options tailored to their needs. 

Founded by Dr. Chandresh Viradia, Axis Spine and Pain has grown to include five board-certified physicians and three locations: Macon, Dublin and Warner Robbins, Georgia. In early 2022, Axis Spine and Pain joined the PartnerCare family of clinics. This partnership has provided Dr. Viradia and his team the opportunity to improve processes already in place without having to compromise the practice mission or goals. 

“People say you lose control when you hand over responsibilities to someone else, but you’re giving away items that take away from what matters – treating the patient,” said Dr. Viradia. “People think by giving away these tasks you lose all input, but it’s the other way around. PartnerCare wants that input and works collaboratively with us in the decision-making process. You don’t lose autonomy. “

Axis Spine and Pain’s mission is to provide superior pain management care for patients suffering from chronic pain by utilizing outcome-based treatments including nerve blocks, responsible medication management and minimally invasive pain management techniques. The Axis team of physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists and staff are dedicated to ensuring patients can improve their quality of life with pain relief that involves the use of cutting-edge technology and compassionate care. 

Patients with chronic pain do not have to live life in discomfort. Thanks to Axis Spine and Pain’s expert team of providers, patient’s receive specialized treatment plans to give them the best possible outcomes. Learn more about Axis Spine and Pain by visiting

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